Shanghai Tuogao Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is founded specifically for R&D, design and fabrication of pneumatic motor, production of pneumatic and electric machines and application of pneumatic-electric control system engineering. Since founding, we always endeavor to continue improvement of product performance, service, personnel qualification and management level, expansion of sales network, supply sources and talent reserves. With import and application of technologies from the Europe and America, in combination with complete metal machining equipment and instruments as well as the proven process operation procedure, we are able to provide customers with quality products of GASTON brand. All employees’ efforts have contributed to ISO9001 international quality system certificate. With production and test in strict accordance with the standard, as well as use of mature technologies and experienced sales team, we are able to satisfy customers with any pre-sale, post-sale services and technical supports.

Pneumatic motors consist of vane type pneumatic motor, piston type pneumatic motor, planetary geared pneumatic motor, micro-vane type pneumatic motor, piston type gear head pneumatic motor and pneumatic motor for tightening device, as well as special pneumatic motor for particular design and requirements. Furthermore, to meet specific applications, we have been able to make pneumatic winch, pneumatic agitator, pneumatic dispenser, pneumatic homogenizer, pneumatic explosion-proof pump, pneumatic mixer, pneumatic fan, electric explosion-proof agitator and other pneumatic-electric control system products for industrial automation applications.

Our products are widely applied in areas like industrial equipment, hardware, electrical, electronics, automation control, machinery manufacture, petroleum, chemical, chemistry, leather, tyre, marine, ceramics, wood, paint, painting, automobile coating, fluid control, cosmetics, food, pharmaceutics, essence, spice, cosmetics, textile, papermaking, packaging, printing, environmental protection, mining, machinery drive, etc.

By holding high the philosophy of “Quality-oriented brand, win customers with services”, we make achievements on market shares and customer appreciation with advanced technology, top quality, competitive price, timely delivery and excellent services.

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